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About Zolex's Hand Cleaner

We manufacture and sell the the most highly effective hand cleaner for hands that work hard on the market today. Zolex - Hand Cleaner distinguishes itself from the rest on the market by being first and foremost more effective and more environmentally friendly while being suitable for both industrial and home use. It is always our goal to provide the most effective hand cleaner available without the excessive skin irritation, which results from using inferior solvent-based products.

Zolex - Hand Cleaner is a nontoxic, non-hazardous and petroleum free hand cleaner that is the best for auto mechanics, truck mechanics, diesel mechanics, airplane mechanics, gearheads, printers, hvac repair and electricians.

Even though it's tough enough for industrial use, it's also gentle enough to keep by all the sinks in your home and shop.

Zolex - Hand Cleaner is used by the automotive, airline, marine, railroad, printing, mining and jewelry industries among many others. It is also used at home by people who work in their garages, gardens and on DYI projects. It's even safe enough for children.

Zolex - Hand Cleaners deep cleaning action removes dirt, grease, grime, paint, ink, tar, adhesives, varnish and virtually everything else from hands that work hard.