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From Matt in NY...

7/15/2013 by Zolex - Hand Cleaner

Subject: Multiple Uses Message: Hello and thank you for developing this great hand cleaner. It seem to me that you are not touching on some of the other uses of this product. I do agree that it is by far the best hand cleaner I have used to date, but there are other uses for your product that you might want to suggest to your customers. I found that it is also quite effective at removing stains on clothing. I recently gave my wife some of your product to apply to a few of the more aggressive stains on the kids clothing. She rubbed it into the stains as a wash pre-treatment and the stains all but disappeared. I also used it to remove pen ink on on leather by just rubbing it into the surface with my finger tip and wiping it clean with a damp rag. The wife's white leather hand bag was saved and I didn't have to hear her whining about the mark on the bag forever. Thanks for a great product, and keep up the good work.......Matt [and thank you, Matt, for these kind words]