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5 Important Reasons to Choose Water-Based Zolex Over Petroleum-Based Hand Cleaners

In homes and industries across the country, petroleum-based hand cleaners have had a stronghold on the hand cleaner/degreaser market. You are probably familiar with the slippery, oily feel of these petroleum-based hand cleaners.

Well, that is changing with the water-based degreaser Zolex.

In the past, the perception has been that a petroleum-based hand cleaner might be more effective in removing grease. Fighting fire with fire so to speak. There was little concern with just what happens to all of that oil that gets combined, and ultimately sent back into the environment.

We are beginning to realize there is an environmental price to pay for those clean hands.

1) Being more eco-friendly is just one reason why Zolex is superior to a petroleum-based hand degreaser. Let's look at some others.

2) Using a petroleum-based degreaser, especially often, can adhere to your plumbing, causing slower running pipes, and perhaps even clogs. Water-based Zolex not only gets your hands clean, it works to keep your sinks and pipes clean as well, breaking up oil and grease along the way.

3) Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Anything you put on it tends to be absorbed into it. Water-based Zolex is non-hazardous. It also has a neutral PH, much closer to the natural PH level of your body than a petroleum degreaser.

4) Petroleum-based hand cleaners tend to separate with age and in warmer temperatures. Not a problem with water based Zolex. The effectiveness of Zolex does not deteriorate with age.

5) Petroleum-based hand cleaners are prone to leaving a residue along with a chemical smell behind. Water-based Zolex will not only leave your hands clean, it will leave them smelling clean. In fact, use Zolex immediately after using a petroleum-based cleaner, and you will immediately see, feel, and smell the improvement!

Get a sample of Zolex and see for yourself TODAY!