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Reseller Value Package - Level 2
Supplied in-store sign

Reseller Value Package - Level 2

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Retail Price:$875.00
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Part Number:ZLRESALE2
Pre-packaged distributor package includes everything you need to have your own in-store retail display at wholesale prices. This package includes everything from the Level 1 package plus the addition of one 25lb Industrial-Sized bucket.

Individual Packets
Personal-sized Home Use Tubs (case of 24)
EZ Carry .75 lb Jars (case of 8)
Workman-sized 1.5 lb Tubs (case of 8)
Shop-sized 3lb Tubs (case of 8)

Waterless - Pint (case of 12)
Waterless with Microscrubbers - Pint (case of 12)
Industrial-Sized 25 lb Pail

In-Store Display Signs

Custom setups are, of course, available. Just give us a call at (516) 606-7139 to order whatever you need today.

Zolex - Hand Cleaner is a water-activated, non-toxic, non-hazardous and petroleum-free hand cleaner that works better than anything else on the market. Even though it's tough enough for industrial use, it's safe enough to leave by the all the sinks in your house.

Zolex - Hand Cleaner's deep cleaning action removes dirt, grease, grime, paint, ink, tar, adhesives, varnish and virtually everything else from hard working hands.

Used by almost every industry, including automotive, airline, marine, railroad, printing, mining and jewelry industries (among many others). Zolex - Hand Cleaner is also used at home by people who work in their garages, gardens and on DYI projects. It's even safe enough for children.

Wet Hands First™...because it is water-activated!

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