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Hand Cleaner Testimonials

Andrew says...

Thanks for the sample. It is great stuff takes everything off that has never come off with other products. Will be placing a order shortly.

AH from parts unknown...

7/15/2013 by Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
...works awesome, been saving it for the end of the day seeing that my hands never get a chance to recover after washing them 3-5 times a day. The zolex leaves them feeling refreshed not like the gobi desert.

Coal Mine

1/28/2015 by Thomas from WV
I work in the mines as an electrician and every morning I came out covered in a mixture of coal dirt, grease and oil. Most hand cleaning products did little to help so I heard about this product and decided to give it a try. Well it worked very well,

From BC in North Texas

7/1/2013 by Heavy Duty Cleaner
Works like a champ!

from Dexter from PWR Rentals in LA

I bought this product because I used it at a friends shop...it works very well.

from Fort Wayne ID

Removes Oil and Gasoline Odors!!!

M___ W____ and 2 of the other guys have used Zolex hand cleaner for the past 3 days and it definitely is better than what we currently are using...

from George in Brooklyn...

We tried one of your samples. Good stuff. Now my mechanics don't want use anything else.

From Matt in NY...

7/15/2013 by Zolex - Hand Cleaner
Hello and thank you for developing this great hand cleaner. It seem to me that you are not touching on some of the other uses of this product. I do agree that it is by far the best hand cleaner I have used to date...

from Ron in Jamestown, NY

my trial sample proved to be the best hand cleaner...

from Trish in MS...

"My brother-in-law works in a local lumber mill and his hands get really badly stained up from the wood coming off the line and him having to grab it and stack it. Zolex is the first product we have found since he has worked there that works...

JD from OH says...

7/15/2013 by Zolex - Hand Cleaner
Well tonight i got bored and decided to yank a front tire of my truck, mock up my "new" wheels, and grease everything. My hands were a silvery/red/black mess from all the grease, never-seize, brake dust, road grime, you name it, it was on my hands. O


7/15/2013 by Zolex - Hand Cleaner
got my samples, I am very impressed.

Josh from KY

5/31/2013 by Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
Just used some of my sample for the first time. My hands were basically black from grease and soot. Very impressed with how well it works. Best hand cleaner I've ever used, hands down. Will definitely be ordering some soon.

Repair shop owner

12/30/2014 by Gerald W from Walton, NY
I used a very small amount of this so I could rush and attend something quickly. In just a quick 10 second wash, this product removed 90% of the grease and grime on my hands. I'm impressed and will definately be purchasing this product. It's way bett

Rob from Great Falls,MT

7/15/2013 by Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
i just want to say u have one hell of a product.ive been workin on my truck and was covered in soot,oil and grease and your cleaner made my hands and arms look like i never had anything on them.

Travis from MD

7/15/2013 by Mechanic's Hand Cleaner
Used mine this weekend, had oil on my hands from a change in the Jetta. Got it right off and nothing left like normally with gojo or others.

Tyler from WI...

I got a sample off your website and i can tell you that i works a HELL of alot better than that GO-JO or Fast orange. Living on a farm you get some really bad smells on your hands. Well i can tell you that it take the $hit smell off! lol Got to ord

ZF from IN

7/15/2013 by Heavy Duty Cleaner
Holy santa clause chit. Impressive product. I won't lie, I thought "O great, another fricken hand cleaner. I'm cheap so I won't turn down free." It worked amazing though. Ordering some soon!