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Lanolin Hand Cleaners

Many people ask us why we don't use lanolin in our water-activated hand cleaner products and the simple answer is...because we don't need to.

Lanolin is an oil that is used in solvent based hand cleaners as an attempted cover-up because their ingredients dry up the natural oils in your skin and nails. This eventually causes drying and cracking of your skin and nails.

Also, lanolin does not add much (if anything) to the cleaning process and it is well known to act as a sensitizers. Just ask anyone that works with cosmetics. With prolonged and repeated use, it is very possible that lanolin could cause an individual to become more sensitive to other substances and could trigger allergic reactions and unpleasant side effects. Some resources also indicate that lanolin may in fact be dangerous, acting as a carcinogen on the human body.

Not the best stuff in the world if you ask us.